Receiving Chametz from a Friend on Passover


I had a friend over for a Passover meal the other day. She doesn’t understand that anything other than actual bread can be chametz. She brought with her as a gift for me a box of wafers. Knowing her, she would be offended if I turned down this gift. I cannot explain it to her either because she knows very little about Judaism and has difficulty comprehending and is easily angered. The only option that remained was for me to accept her gift, then throw it away after she left. But I don’t know if I did the right thing. I don’t know if I could have given it to a gentile neighbor. I felt guilty about throwing away perfectly good food.

She is coming for another visit next week after the holiday. I am trying to figure out which store sells the same wafers, then buy a box and serve it after Passover as if it’s the same one that she brought me.



  1. You did the right thing to throw it away. If you had it before Passover you could have given it to a gentile neighbor then, but on Passover this would be problematic since we are not to get benefit from leaven on Passover, and giving a gift is a type of getting benefit as good will.

    Regarding the future, I would sincerely try to explain to your friend how any leaven is not allowed to be eaten or owned by a Jew during Passover. In my experience, other people respect and appreciate sincerity, honesty and values – even if they do not always understand it.

    I wish you a happy and kosher Passover and may you always find the right words at the right time.

    Best wishes from the Team