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JBSTV (ch 138)


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I heard R. Becher’s presentation on the peculiarities of the Sanhedrin’s minimum-of-23-judge court, on “Dimensions of the Daf”, on JBS ch 138. I wrote to him just to say “hello”, and to perhaps-pointlessly offer him a copy of “Whoever…”.


Dear Rabbi Becher, I have only recently been watching JBS tv (ch 138) for a few minutes each day. I am not fond of Reform Judaism, but I like to see what others are thinking. This morning I saw your presentation on the peculiarities of Sanhedrin trials for capital crimes (e.g., automatic acquittal for a unanimous 23-judge conviction). I have not read the Talmud formally, and I wouldn’t do that. But I keep it close, as a reference source, to which I have had to turn many times. The teachings of your presentation today, however, were thoroughly unfamiliar to me. I found your presentation to be gripping and, in that respect, effective, because I could not turn it off after 5-10 minutes, as I usually do with ch 138 programming. I would welcome your opinions of the brief sections, in my own book, which touch on the Covenant (i.e., with whom was it actually made?) and on B’reishis 16:1-12, especially 8-10, which deals with the ‘wild ass’ theory of the origin of Islam. My views on these passages, which are unpopular views, are succinctly stated in the 2 Appendices of my book ‘Whoever You Thought You Were…You’re A Jew!’; a book which shows the manner in which ancient Judaism gave rise to all the durable religions of the world today, whether such is obvious (as in the cases of Christianity or Islam) or hidden (as in cases such as Buddhism or Hinduism). I doubt you’ll have the time or the willingness to do this, although I also know that you have the knowledge and the energy to do it, if the ruoch moves you to do so. If you would even consider reviewing my brief presentations on these two subjects, and showing me where I’m wrong (which opinion, on your part, I’d greatly respect), please send me a mailing address and I’ll send you a book. Please do not feel pressured in any way; I am not popular, and there will be no benefit to you, other than the benefit of knowing that you have brought the weight of your knowledge to bear on behalf of a man who was headed in the wrong direction, and that you have changed that direction to a better one. Unless, of course, you opine that I’m not wrong. That would be very interesting.



  1. Please accept Just Ask!’s apologies but Rabbi Becher is no longer affiliated with Gateways. I would imagine that it should be relatively easy to find his contact information by running a search.

    Best wishes from the Team