Problematic Work Environment


So, I’m a convert to Judaism. I converted 7 years ago. I started working part time at a salvation army thrift store (I also work with the school district with Autistic Children). I really needed more more to survive. So this year I took off for Rosh Hashanah ….but they scheduled a “manatory” meeting on that day. I did not show up since I had taken the day off. No one said anything about it, but they put on the schedule that I would have to work on Friday to make it up. So there was no school on Friday…I said “great”. They offered the evening or morning shift. I reminded the manager that I don’t work Shabbot.

So I get a call reminding me to come into work on Friday evening. I reminded the manager that I took the morning shift. She became angry and said “I knew this would happen”. There is no one else who can work for you…so you will come in?” So I told her I would not come in but would turn in a two week notice.

She called me about 30 minutes later and said “We can’t afford to lose you…you’re a good cashier so I just got someone to cover your shift Friday.” I feel like she views my beliefs as invalid. She always telling me she will pray for me…but in a kind way. And now I’m considering still giving notice.

What do you think???



  1. First of all, please allow me to say how awed I am by your being prepared to give up a source of income rather than compromise your beliefs! I have no doubt that your Father in Heaven is basking in your actions!

    Even though you ask me, I think that it would be a little presumptuous of me to tell you what I think you should do. After all, I am not familiar with your financial state and I do not know exactly what you are experiencing at work.

    However, it does sound as if your superiors recognize and value your work ethic and abilities. I do not know if that is enough to warrant staying there but I would hope that after you showed them just how serious you are that they will relate to you in a more positive way.

    But, after having said that, I do feel that it might be a good idea to look around for a new job without giving up your old one just yet. Perhaps the Jewish community that you belong to might be able to help you find alternative employment that is more suitable for your religious needs.

    Best wishes from the Team