Permissibility of Mixed Swimming


This question is URGENT: My parents are concerned with my swimming, so they want me to join the swim team this summer. It is mixed swimming, so women are going to be there, and I am a boy, so I do not feel comfortable going. What is your personal opinion, and halachic opinion on this?
Again…an answer is urgently needed!



  1. First, please allow me to say how inspired I am by your sensitivity – both to your parents and to the Halacha. Hakadosh Baruch Hu should reward your desire to only do what is correct according to the Torah over and over again!

    While it is a Torah obligation that you must listen to your parents, it is only true when they are not telling you to do something that is prohibited to do. If, however, what they are asking you to do goes against a Torah Law it is forbidden to do it. As mixed swimming is forbidden you should not do as they ask. But, it is important to stress that your parents are your parents and the Torah puts great emphasis on the laws of Kibbud Av v’Eim and the way that a child is obligated to relate to his parents. For example, that means that it is forbidden to raise your voice to your parents. When you explain to them that it is forbidden for you to join the swimming team you should do so calmly and with the utmost respect. I also think that you should try looking around for an alternative that is Halachically acceptable – that way you can keep your parents happy and you can fulfill the Mitzvah of Kibbud Av v’Eim to the fullest extent!

    Best wishes from the Team