Computer-Simulated Interactions


I read in a tech magazine that Israeli scientists are currently working on developing gadgets that use artificial intelligence and virtual reality to enable the user to interact with the likeness of a real person. The software stores the physical image of a real person and as much information as possible about their personality and whatever knowledge and experiences they have had, plus it can learn more after the fact and apply that knowledge. A user can then put on goggles and a headset that enable them to have a simulated interaction with the likeness of this person. The purpose is to enable one to continue to feel like they have a relationship with their loved ones following their death.
I am wondering what the implications of this are in Jewish law. Would this violate biblical prohibitions against making an image? Or those against communication with the dead? Or any biblical or rabbinical commandments?



  1. I cannot think of any prohibition that it might entail. However, I do feel, as with your previous question, that when it begins to have a practical dimension to it, the Halachic authorities will no doubt study it in depth and issue their rulings.

    Best wishes from the Team