On Borrowed Time



I am a 70-year-old fit Jewish divorced woman who has had two heart attacks within a year. I light candles, partake in some study and observe all holidays. I have one son, single, 27, a mature physics PhD student who is now taking a more active role in his mother’s life, a good relationship. I am no longer a candidate for stents and bypass and was told that I have 3 years to live.

Rabbi, what questions do I ask myself to make each day count more?



  1. First, please accept my blessing that Hashem – the Ultimate Healer – grant you a “Refuah Sheimah” — a complete and speedy recovery.

    Your question made me think long and hard about myself. Really, your question is one that every person should be asking themselves and should be conscious of at all times.

    There are many possible ways to make each day count more, but if I were trying to give advice to myself, I would tell myself that the most effective way of making each day count is through my interactions with those around me. Was I thoughtful enough? Did I listen properly to what they were saying? Did I brighten someone’s day by complimenting them sincerely? Was I sensitive enough to the feelings of others?

    There are so many different ways that a person can enhance another’s quality of life, and, by doing so, bring true joy to Hashem. Interestingly enough, our Rabbis teach us that it is through our interpersonal relationships that we can strengthen our connection to Hashem.

    I pray that you will be blessed with many, many years of good health and happiness.

    Best wishes from the AskTheRabbi.org Team