Naming Baby After Living Relatives



I know we don’t name babies after living relatives – but what about alterations of names?

My mom’s name is Lin (Linda), my Dad’s name is Don (Donald) and we are considering the baby name Lindon – a conglomeration of both which also honors my English roots. Is this name “kosher”?



  1. The stringency not to name a baby after a living relative is practiced by the Ashkenazim. As a rule, the Sephardim not only call their children after living relatives, but it is actually considered to be a great honor for the relative.

    In any event, regardless of whether you are Ashkenazim or Sephardim, in your case I do not think that there is a problem. The main issue is with Hebrew names, not secular names. But, aside from that, the name Lindon is actually a name in and of itself.

    According to Lindon is:
    A respelling of Lyndon, it translates to “linden tree hill,” forever connecting baby with lush leaves and high-reaching branches. No matter where baby builds their path, the name Lindon will always remind baby to strengthen their roots.

    Best wishes from the Team