Matchmaker, Matchmaker…


I have stumbled upon a website called “Saw You at Sinai.” It’s for singles.

They request two people as references. Is it ok to have a sibling serve as a reference?

Also when someone goes to a traditional matchmaker who makes the first connection generally?

One’s parents?

, 3 years


  1. Unless they specifically state that siblings are not acceptable I cannot think of any reason why they would object. Speaking generally, it may look a little odd if a person only posts siblings as references – almost as if they have no close friends who could recommend them!

    There is no hard-and-fast rule and it has a lot to do with what is the accepted norm in the community. In many communities the first connections are made by the parents and the Shadchan; in other communities it is accepted that the person looking for a Shidduch make the initial contact.

    Best wishes from the Team