Performing a Wedding


Must a rabbi perform a Jewish wedding? I know people become ordained ministers online so that they can perform Christian weddings for their friends and loved ones. Could someone who is not ordained a rabbi in the Jewish faith perform a wedding as long as all of the other conventions of a Jewish wedding are observed, such as standing under the chuppah, reciting the Sheva Brachot, signing a ketubah, etc.?

3 years


  1. If the marriage is done according to Jewish Law no Rabbi need be present. There must be two ‘kosher’ shomer-Shabbat witnesses who witness the  marriage. There are other Halachic requirements that are necessary. Therefore, it is a ‘very good idea’ to have a Rabbi who is knowledgeable in these Halachot officiate or be present. But the marriage is valid in any event if done according the Halacha.
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