Marital Harmony


My husband thinks when I try to delve more deeply with my questions , comments, opinions into his ideas, he says I am starting an argument. He studies Torah 1x week with a rabbi. My thinking is that my probing, alternate opinions/ideas is similar to what he does in his Chavrusa: questioning, debating, interpreting among 2 or more people to, possibly, or not, consider other theories. To not take personally what I’m saying or calling it negative thinking but to engage in a probing (peaceful & respectful) discussion.



  1. While I tend to agree with your opinion, I am not sure that it makes very much difference. For some reason your probing and analyzing your husband’s opinions seems to bother him very much. Not knowing you or your husband, it is a little out of place for me to so to comment about your Shalom Bayis – marital harmony. But, perhaps, it might be a good idea to investigate together why he feels as he does.

    Best wishes from the Team