Beginning My Journey


Dear Rabbi,
I grew up with almost no background in Judaism but recent events in Israel have prompted me to learn more about my heritage. Any advice for me?
Thank you



  1. A good way to start your voyage into Judaism is to acquire the Stone Chumash, published by ArtScroll. It is the Five Books of Moses with an excellent contemporary translation. It also has a wonderful selection of commentaries, which provide layers of additional explanation that enhance an understanding of the Torah.

    Since Torah study is a central part of Jewish life, you would not only be learning about Judaism but you would also be beginning to practice Judaism, at your own pace.

    In addition, I suggest the following books:
    *Anatomy of Search by Rabbi Akiva Tatz
    *Permission to Believe by Rabbi Lawrence Keleman

    And, of course, I suggest you look at the questions and answers Gateways makes available on its Ask the Rabbi site:

    Good luck and feel free to just ask us any questions you have and we will be happy to try to answer them for you.

    Best wishes from the Team