Life in the Messianic Era


I know that technically we’re not supposed to dwell on when Mashiach is coming and what it will be like. But I just want to understand some things that I just can’t wrap my head around. For instance, when Mashiach is here, we will have no more yetzer hara. But then where will the balance be? How could we still have bechira and wouldn’t it be such a boring world if no one did bad and there was no bad events? The way I see it, there could be no concept of reward or punishment, so what would we even be living for?

Of course, I still want Mashiach to come every day and I’m sure that Hashem knows what He’s doing, I just want to understand it.




  1. Rav Desler asks the same questions and explains that the reality of the Messianic Era will be different from the one we know now. At present we receive reward for the Mitzvot that we perform as it is hard to do them. There are so many distractions in this world that are stopping us from recognizing Hashem in His true glory so that when we do do the Mitzvot Hashem showers us with His reward. In the Messianic Era our appreciation and recognition of Hashem will be so complete that we will not find it difficult to want to do what He asks of us. As Rav Desler describes it, sinning in the Messianic Era will be the equivalent of walking into a raging fire today. Could you do so if you wanted to? Yes, of course. It is just that it is not something that one would actually do. So, too, we will have the theoretical possibility of sinning but it will not be a practical consideration.

    What impact does that have on us? That in the Messianic Era the reward for doing Hashem’s Will will be vastly reduced as there is no real practical alternative. What, then, will we get out of it? Where will our “entertainment” come from? From incredible closeness to Hashem and the removal of our doubts.

    Best wishes from the Team