Libertarianism and Judaism


What is Judaism’s perspective on libertarianism and freedom as a political and social philosophy



  1. If you are asking about libertarianism for non-Jews, there is no real problem with it as a belief system. To have as minimalistic input from the government is neither a good strategy or a bad one. Like with all belief systems, everything depends on how it is used by the masses. If, however, you are asking whether libertarianism can be aligned easily with Torah Judaism, I think that the answer is no. Judaism is a complex and detailed religion that obligates us every moment of our day. It is not possible to live a life of “minimal-intervention” when it comes to the Torah and Hashem. More than that, even on a very simplistic level we are commanded to give charity. Not just to worry about those who have less, but to supply them with their needs. There are many laws pertaining to giving charity. For example, how much to give, when to give, who takes precedence when giving, etc. And that is just one example of a myriad of different examples within Judaism.

    So, while it is true that Judaism follows a capitalistic approach when it comes to the economy, with regards to social issues Judaism takes a much more balanced (socialistic) approach, one that obligates us to look after those who have less. That being the case, it seems to me that libertarianism and Judaism do not seem to sit so easily together, if at all.

    Best wishes from the Team