Let Us Make Man – Plural


שלום עליכם לכולכם,
My question is on parashat Bereshit chapter 1.

Why did Elokim created Adam in His image while He said “Let us make man in our image?” What about their images, the image of Earth or Angels?

Bereshit 1:27 tells us Elokim created Adam in his image, not in their image. If he said Let us make man in our image, then why not it is written, “Elokim created Adam in his image and in their image?




  1. Shalom to you as well.

    Rav Samson Raphael Hirsch has a long explanation as to why Hashem uses the plural. His explanation is too long to bring here but it is worth studying it. The gist of what he writes is that the plural is what Rav Hirsch calls the “Pluralis Majestatis,” which means the language that monarchs use when referring to themselves. Rav Hirsch explains that Hashem uses “Pluralis Majestatis” when it seems on the surface that He is restricting something, but, in reality, it is something that brings joy and is necessary.

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