Leaving Israel Frequently After Aliyah


Is one who makes aliyah required to stay permanently in Israel to fulfill the mitzvah of living in Israel?

Or can one who does travel back to their home country often?

I have long desired to make aliyah, but I have lots of interests in the United States, including my aging parents, other family, close friends I want to see often, business interests, and entertainment I enjoy. I would probably have to go back and forth quite routinely, sometimes more than once a month. I am thinking of maintaining homes in both countries. I have the means to do this, but I want to know if I can still fulfill the mitzvah of living in Israel this way.



  1. If there are Halachic reasons for constant travelling, there is no problem in doing so. In your case, you have two pressing reasons to travel. The first is your parents: It is permissible to leave Israel to fulfill the Mitzvah of Kibud Av v’Eim. The second reason is for your livelihood. It is also permissible to leave Israel for parnasah reasons. This is true even if it “only” means making sure that your investments are doing well and that you are not actually working there.

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