Going Up – To Israel


Hi Rabbi, what is the Hebrew word for moving to Israel? Thanks



  1. Aliyah. Aliyah, going to live in the Holy Land, has been the cherished dream of Jews throughout the centuries. In fact the very word “aliyah” means “going up,” and is very fitting for the act of moving to Israel. Not geographically, but because the Jewish People have always regarded moving to Israel as an ascent, an act of spiritual elevation.

    At times, this dream was realized, but more often, circumstances prevented it from becoming anything more than a faint hope. Over the ages, it has often involved great risk, such as risking attacks by Crusaders or Saracens, or living in poverty. Thankfully, nowadays one can travel to Israel on a comfortable jet, live there in a modern house or apartment, own a car (or two), and enjoy a rich (and religious too, if one so desires) life.

    Best wishes from the AskTheRabbi.org Team