Jewish ETs Who Eat Kosher


Hi Rabbi,

I have a question:

Let us assume that there are non-human persons that exist who travelled to our planet and possess intelligent thought.

Would it be possible for one of them to convert to Judaism and be considered a part of the Jewish People?

In the same vein of questions: If they have food very different from ours, how could we distinguish what is kosher and what is not?




  1. Before seriously entertaining the question of an ET’s conversion, which is the fruit of your creative way of thinking, I must point out a necessary prerequisite. They must be able to distinguish between right and wrong, between good and evil, between that which is moral and that which is not. And they would need to have the free will to think, decide and choose to act either one way or the other.

    The Torah was given to the Jewish People as our guidebook for living here on our planet. As such, it would seem that literally anyone living in our world that is not yet Jewish is a potential candidate for conversion. Of course, the being would need to sincerely desire to join the Jewish People. However, some mitzvahs might not apply to them for obvious reasons. If the ETs were not born from parents, how could they honor their parents?

    The only “real” answer to your question is that we would need to see — if and when the situation arises — how the Rabbinical authorities at that time rule on this matter of their conversion.

    And regarding your question about their unusual food would be kosher or not, we follow the rules set forth in the Torah. The only animals, birds and fish that are kosher are those listed in the Torah, either by name or by description. Plants, vegetables and fruits should ostensibly be kosher even if they originated on a different planet.

    Best wishes from the Team