How Do I Avoid the Great Slaughter of Esau/Edom?


Hello I am a non Jew and it has been brought to my attention that my people (the English) are destined for destruction in a great war against Ishmael which will bring about tikkun olam as explained by this Rabbi in the linked video clip. Is there anyway I can save my family and myself from this fate? Thank you for reading my question.



  1. I do not know what sources you refer to. To the best of my understanding, the War of Gog and Magog will cause untold destruction. It will affect absolutely everyone, Jews and non-Jews alike. What can a person do to try to get through it physically safe? The tradition that I have from my teachers is that a person should be busy with kind deeds and helping those in need. It is those kinds of acts that will serve as some kind of protection from the onslaught of evil that will preceded the Messianic Era.

    Best wishes from the Team