Global Jewish Impact?


Jewish sages said that the angel of Israel is in the lowest rank among angels in Olam Haze. When Moshiach comes, the angel of Israel will go to the highest position. This means that the state of Jews will change from suffering to redemption. However, Looking at the numbers of Jewish nobel prize winners, Jewish magnates, Jewish tycoons, and Jewish chess champions, it seems that Jews are already at the top rank, even before Moshiach comes. Why have Jewish sages said that the angel of Israel is at the bottom in Olam Haze, and will go to the top position only after Moshiach comes, while Jews are already sweeping over the world?



  1. While, as you write, it is true that Jews seem to have an inordinate impact in the world, in the realms of Nobel prizes, commerce, chess etc., nevertheless, the “only” thing that these successful Jews have not managed to overcome is the hatred for Jews prevalent in the world. The reason for this is because the Moshiach is not yet with us.

    This is why you will hear that the Jews control the banks and the financial centers of the world, and, at the same time you will hear that the Jews are parasites living off the hard work of the non-Jews. How can that be? Because the Jewish nation as a whole has not yet come to understand that the only way to positively impact the non-Jewish nations of the world is not through Nobel prizes and enormously successful commercial ventures. Rather, the only way that we can change the world for the better is by striving to draw closer to our Father in Heaven by living our lives according to His Torah.

    Best wishes from the Team