Evil Eye on Jewelry


Dear Rabbi,
There have been times where I visited the Kotel and gave Tzaduka to Jewish women giving away red strings with the blue eye which I thought was good luck to ward off evil. Not meant to cause harm to anyone. All the stores sell gifts with the eye much like a Hamsa. I got a manicure with the eye decoration for for good luck and because I thought it was pretty. My husband thinks it’s bad and I should take it off immediately. Is there any reason why it is bad to look at that symbol as protection? Even if it’s just a superstition?
I need to know kind of quickly.
Thank you,
Shavua Tov



  1. Whilst there is no particular Halachic issue with wearing these things I do think that if your husband is so against it, it would be best to remove it. Why? Because, even though it is supposed to be some kind of segulah against Ayin Harah (for those who believe that these things have some kind of spiritual power), if your husband objects it will only impact negatively on your Shalom Bayit and, paradoxically, it will have the opposite effect that you were hoping it would have.

    Best wishes from the AskTheRabbi.org Team