Giving Tzedaka


If a Jewish organization approaches an individual begging for tzedaka to support their operations, but the one who has been approached does not agree with their philosophy or their practices and would rather give tzedaka to someone else who is a better match, are they required to give to that organization?

I am asking because this happens to me all the time. I am constantly barraged with mailings, phone calls, and door knockings from Jewish organizations I am not comfortable giving to because what they stand for does not match my personal values.

I do give a lot of tzedaka, but to those individuals, organizations, and causes I feel comfortable with.



  1. You have absolutely no obligation to give Tzedaka to an organization that does not your fit your Hashkafa, or, even worse, that you disapprove of. There is no reason to explain to the organization why you will not be giving them a donation – but rather, you can just politely decline to do so.

    Best wishes from the Team