Food Prepared by a Non-Religious Relative



I have a relative who does not keep shabbos, we know this because of her instagram after shabbos, and it’s a known thing in my family. Her kitchen is kosher, is it a problem for Pas Yisroel and Bishel Yisroel?



  1. Your question revolves around the Halachic concept that someone who desecrates Shabbos in a public way is possibly regarded like a non-Jew when it comes to kashrut in food-related questions. The majority of the authorities are of the opinion that Lechatchilah it is best not to rely on them, and not to eat the food that they have prepared. However, Bedieved, it is permissible to eat the food if the person who prepared it would would be embarrassed to desecrate Shabbos in front of a Rabbi.

    Best wishes from the Team