First Born Daughter/Son-in-Law


Let’s say a daughter is born first, then 2 sons. The 2 sons denounce their heritage and want nothing to do with it. (They are from the tribe of Levi)

The daughter embraces her culture and religion. The son in law (also a Jew, not a Levi) also embraces culture and religion.

Since neither of the sons wishes to continue the Levi line either with children, and denounced their heritage. Does the firstborn son rights pass to the son in law?



  1. If the first-born was a daughter there are no “first-born” rights for the sons. That would be so even if both of the sons were following their culture and their religion. This means that the daughter and her husband have no more “rights” than the sons do, despite the fact that she and her husband are living their lives according to the Torah. It also means that any children that the daughter has are not considered to be Levites. Rather, they will be Israelites, like their father.

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