Evolution and Creation



I’m not a Jew (I’m a gentile), but I accept Jewish tradition as being divine and from God.

So, I’m aware of the great amounts of what is used as evidence for the idea that life evolved naturally over billions of years. I think (assuming any of this evidence exists; many extremely elaborate hoaxes exist perpetuated by the elites) the physical evidence would reasonably prove that life *did* evolve, except for the statements of God to the contrary.

I’ve heard that according to Jewish tradition God created the world to seem like it had a “history” (before creation). Do you think this statement includes God creating the world with layers of dead animals appearing exactly as if life evolved? Is this included in the statement that creation was created with a false “history”?

It also seems that the order of life that the fossil records show is contrary to the order of life creation that God describes in the Torah. What do you make of that?

(To be clear, I do not believe that the world is 14 billions of years old. I just would like to have some more justification for this.)

Thanks a lot, and God bless you.



  1. According to the Kabbalistic works, such as Sefer Temunah, Sefer Hakanah and Sefer Gan Eden, God created and destroyed a number of worlds before this world that we inhabit. After the first world, each world that was created comprised the same materials that the previous world was made from, and they incorporated some traces of the life forms that existed in the previous worlds.

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