Shalom Rabbi. There’s been discussion since the world began regarding “gender”. As I pondered the LGBTQ label, I searched Torah for a definitive answer. It is my desire to respectfully sojourn this well trodden LGBTQ topic as Torah “truths” enlighten the way. Proverbs 23:23 Buy the “truth” and “sell” not; wisdom and instruction (Torah) and understanding. The double edged “torah” sword “slices” to the bone. Separating even unto joints and marrow. Distinguishing “treasure” from “trash” “holy” from “profane” “peculiar” from common, truth from lies. That said, I’ve “escavated” from the “Torah” treasury the word ” Eshton” meaning “effeminate” spelled Aleph~Shin~Tav~Vav~Nun (a descendant of Kaleb of the tribe of Yhuwdah) 1Samuel 25:25 For as his “name” is, so is he. Eshton was “effeminate” ,womanish,unmanly, muliebrous. “Encrypted” within Eshton spelled Aleph~Shin~Vav ~Tav are the following : “esh” Aleph~Shin meaning fire,flame, burning (anger of G-d) Those of an Eshton “nature” provoke G-d to anger “uwth” Verb consent, agree spelled Aleph~Vav~Tav Anyone of an Eshton “nature” are “consensual” in “heart” and “deed” “owth” means “omen” “warning” spelled Aleph~Vav~Tav They who “practise” an Eshton “nature” are “obliterated” if they refuse to repent of their doings. ” athown” means she-ass spelled Aleph~Tav~Vav~Nun ) Eshton “nature” denoting stiff neck rebellion. “attuwn” means fiery furnace ” spelled” Aleph~Tav~Vav ~ Nun) conotates Eshton “nature” that “feigns” obedience to Torah and is “designated” “fuel” for the “fire”. “own” means ability,wealth,power “spelled” Aleph~Vav~Nun )many of an Eshton “nature” possess great abilities , wealth and power “aven” means evil,sorrow, vanity, iniquity, idolatry, false,unrighteous “spelled” Aleph~Vav~Nun. The Eshton “nature” fosters vanity and profanity. “nuw” Verb means hinder, restrain,forbid, make averse “spelled” Nun~Vav~Aleph The Eshton “nature” has an “aversion” to the ” internal ” “eternal” light of Torah making it ineffectual for them. “ow” means desire,if “spelled” An Eshton “nature” is a “desired” choice of the “heart”. ” eth” means among,with, against ) All of an Eshton “nature” are “among” the Gentiles, mixed multitudes, heathens with “hellish” intentions. Torah infusion is the antidote of provention. Rabbi, is there any “validity” to this “exhaustive” yet “enthrallingly controversial study? I’m all ears! Best Wishes, Yishrah



  1. I apologize but I am not sure that I follow. The only place that I found the name Eshton appears in the Bible is in Chronicles 1 4:11 and 12. I am also not sure how the name Eshton comes to mean effeminate as I could not find any classical source that teaches that.

    Best wishes from the Team