English Name After Conversion


I want to convert to Judaism one day. I haven’t met with any Jews about it yet, but I am very much attracted to the Jewish faith, and I watch a lot of TikTok videos about Judaism and follow lots of rabbis online. I am first trying to move to a Jewish community, then planning on taking those steps.

One thing I am wondering about: My name is Christina. I like my name and that’s what I am accustomed to being called. I would like to take on a Hebrew name, but it would be too hard to get used to being called by and responding to a new name. Can I still go by the name Christina after converting?



  1. In theory you can. When converting, you would need to choose a Jewish name, but there is no obligation to use it in your daily life. However, please allow me to point out that the name Cristina is, perhaps, the least Jewish name a person can have! My feeling is that when you get to the point of actual conversion, you will probably feel that a Jewish name is more appropriate. Not because there is anything wrong with the name Christina, but simply because your Jewish name will describe your new identity.

    Best wishes from the AskTheRabbi.org Team