Do We Still Do Yichud at Weddings?


We are getting married in the summer next year. We have lived together for more than seven years and already spend a lot of time together alone. We just watched a video from an orthodox rabbi who said Yichud at a wedding is supposed to be the first time a couple spends alone. Since we have already been alone and sexually active for so many years now, do we still do Yichud at the wedding?



  1. First, Mazal Tov! May you and your Chosson merit to build a Bayis Ne’eman b’Yisrael – a beautiful Jewish home together – and may Hashem bless you with many, many years of health, contentment and continued growth together.

    Yichud is very much an integral part of the marriage ceremony. If, however, it bothers you, I would suggest that you speak with the Rabbi officiating at your Chuppah and ask him whether it is an absolute requirement.

    Best wishes from the Team