Davening Without a Minyan


When davening at home, I know I don’t say Kaddish, no repetition of the Amidah, and certain pesukim where the Siddur indicates to skip if not with a minyan. But do I skip everything where it says “the Ark is opened”?

What about where it says “the Leader and the Congregation” and similar instructions? Do I skip the entire Repetition?

On Rosh Hashana, etc. so much of the significant pesukim and piyutim are in the repetition and it seems it would be too much to skip the entire repetition.

On Mon/Thur/Shabbat do I just read the Parasha from a Chumash with no blessings, etc.? Is it permissible to include some parts of the repetition (and how do I know these – if any)?

The general guidelines I learned don’t seem to address these questions.

Thank you.



  1. Any prayers that require a Minyan should not be said when davening without a Minyan.

    Therefore, nothing in the repetition of the Amidah can be said. This is applicable for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur as well as throughout the year. Nothing pertaining to the Reading of the Torah can be said including all the prayers that are recited before the Torah is removed from the Ark and those recited when it is returned to the Ark. If you wish to read the Torah Reading from a Chumash on Mondays and Thursday s you may do so but it is not obligatory. If you choose to do so no Blessings are recited over the reading.

    On Shabbat it would be correct (but not obligatory) to read the Torah Portion from a Chumash if you can.

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