Im new to this judaism world . My grandfather was a German Jew . It’s a ling story anyway . I go to sinagoga to learn . Though I cannot read or speak Hebrew. Like I said . I want to learn most more than other thing . Anyway ….. my question is .
i go to a conservative sinagogue. I went to an orthodox sinagogue. Of course I explained my story . They welcomed me . Which was nice . Beautiful experience.
And I would like to learn about the Jassidic movement. And to learn the difference between conservative / orthodox and Hasidic.
If I go to a hassidic sinagogue. Am I gonna be welcomed or there’s any possibility they might see me with different eyes and reject me ? And tell me I’m not allowed to enter or participate. Well anyway . My intention it’s not to participate but to learn the faith of my grandfather. I did an DNA 🧬 and I do have Jewish DNA from Europe. But it doesn’t say from what country or religious group . I do live in Queens . NYC . And my name is Claudio .
my grandfather last name I think was ….🤔…..Goldberg or something like that .
thanks 🙏 and I wait for the answer.



  1. I would sincerely hope that every Orthodox Synagogue – regardless of whether it affiliates with the Chassidic movement or any other kind of movement – would welcome you into their Synagogue.

    With regards to trying learn a little more about your grandfather’s heritage, I recommend you try a wonderful book called Gateway to Judaism by Rabbi Mordechai Becher, published by ArtScroll. It is a fascinating and very easy to read “mini-encyclopedia.” It is written in an informative and humorous style and it covers the spectrum of Judaism, both the practical side and the philosophical/theological side.

    Best wishes from the Team