Conversion to Judaism


Dear Rabbi,

I’m a 15 year old male that was raised as a Muslim, and I have started looking into Judaism and I really feel like that it’s the right way for me. I know that I am still young and might not be able to properly understand but I have been reading the Torah while also learning about the religion by watching rabbis on YouTube and researching on different sites.

I am writing this to ask about conversion to Judaism; how, when and what do I need to do and learn in order to convert. I’ve also heard that Judaism doesn’t encourage conversion and it could please elaborate on that as well. I know that you get asked this same question many times so I hope I’m not wasting your time.

Best regards,

*My name withheld



  1. First, I would suggest that you speak with your parents in general terms about your beliefs and how you feel drawn towards Judaism. When you speak with your parents, it should be done in a respectful and gently way – even if they refuse to take you seriously. According to Jewish Law, there is no minimum age for conversion, but, as you are still a minor, you would need the permission of your parents before taking any definitive step. If they absolutely will not agree to your converting, I do not think that there is very much that you can do until you turn eighteen. Once a person is eighteen, they are no longer considered a minor in civil law and it would be possible to convert even if your parents do not approve of your decision.

    Personally, I would recommend that you try a wonderful book called Gateway to Judaism by Rabbi Mordechai Becher, published by ArtScroll Publishers. It is a fascinating and easy to read “mini-encyclopedia.” It is written in an informative and humorous style and covers the spectrum of Judaism, both the practical side and the philosophical/theological side as well.

    Best wishes from the Team