Conversion for Couple and Children


I am currently dating a Jewish man who comes from a conservative Jewish family. He wants us to move forward in our relationship but he is scared of losing his family for not accepting a non-jewish partner and potentially any future offspring.
My question is: if we do choose to be together and we do happen to have children, will it be possible to have the kids convert to Judaism at birth? Will his religiously conservative family accept our children, even though i’m not Jewish?
Thank you



  1. As you are probably aware, according to Jewish Law, children born to a non-Jewish mother are not Jewish. In order to become Jewish, they need to convert, which is a possibility when they are small if they are converting with their mother at the same time. Otherwise, any children born would need to wait until they are older – twelve or thirteen if their parents are in agreement, or when they reach the age of eighteen and no longer need parental consent.

    Best wishes from the Team