Cleaning Up After an Emission


What is a man required to do to clean himself following an intentionally caused seminal emission before being allowed to pray or put on tefillin?
Please do not answer by saying it is forbidden to do this. I am single and have an unavoidable physiological need to do it almost daily that Hashem created me and almost every other man with. I am not looking to be told it is forbidden. I am not looking to be judged because I do it. The fact is I will continue to do it out of uncontrollable necessity no matter how much I am told it is sinful.
What I am asking is what should I do after in order to be considered clean enough to daven, put on tefillin, enter a synagogue, or study Torah?



  1. As per your request, I will not make any mention of the fact that it is forbidden to deliberately cause an emission.

    The only thing that needs to be done is for the person to clean himself well. There is no obligation to immerse in the Mikveh.

    Best wishes from the Team