Cherubim Questions


What are cherubim?
What is their purpose?
And what do they teach us?



  1. The Cherubim are fascinating!

    The Talmud relates that there were two Cherubim (plural of Cherub) that were formed and placed atop the Holy Ark on the Holy of Holies in the Temple. One Cherub was fashioned like a baby girl and the other like a baby boy. When the Temple was destroyed, the Cherubim, these childlike figures embraced each other as a sign of G-d’s approval. Our Sages explain that destroying a building of bricks and stones was infinitely preferable to destroying the Jewish People.

    The Cherubim were an exception to the rule against making graven images. According to the commentaries the Cherubim did not have legs. Their bodies blended into a solid piece of gold. The Cherubims’ wings stretched up and over the Holy Ark and formed an arch about 30-40 inches over the cover.

    Best wishes from the Team