Buying Clothing During Nine Days


Is one allowed to shop for, try on, and purchase new clothes during the 9 days with plans to wear them after the 9 days are over? I have a wedding to attend very soon after Tisha b’Av and I’m going to need a new dress for the wedding.



  1. The Mishna Berura writes, 551:7, that one should refrain from buying new clothes from Rosh Chodesh Av until after mid-day on the tenth of Av. However, if one waits until after Tisha B’Av and the article will no longer be available, it is permitted to buy it even after Rosh Chodesh.

    Man a person deliberately go to “window shop” during the Nine Days, knowing that he will probably end up buying something? According to the Mishna Berura, ibid. 11, if the item is being sold for less than its normal price, it is permitted to buy it.

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