Wedding During The Three Weeks


A relative of my wife is getting married toward the end of July. We looked on the calendar and realized this is during the three weeks. What we found out is they are Sefardi, and the Sefardi custom is that weddings may be held during the three weeks before the nine days begin. We are Ashkenazim. What do we do about this? Can we attend the wedding?



  1. Whether you decide to attend or not you have who to rely on! HaRav Moshe Shternbuch, shlit”a (Teshuvos V’Hnahagos 4:128), rules that it is permissible for Ashkenazim to attend Sefardic weddings from the 18th of Tammuz until Rosh Chodesh. HaRav Ephraim Greenblatt (Rivevos Efraim 6:289), on the other hand, rules that it is prohibited.

    Best wishes from the Team