Building a Relationship With God


Christian thought tells you to praise Jesus, but this doesn’t sound correct. I’ve been following man most of my life and I’ve only reached dead ends. So I’ve been trying to understand how to build a relationship with G-d, inspired by Judaism that Jews are the chosen people with their right ears closest to hear G-d and I was wondering: Is this concept in Jewish thought mean to have faith in myself and acknowledge G-d directly??

And, if not, how can I build a relationship with G-d without the idolizing that I believe is happening when holding value to one man to fix all your problems instead of one’s self & the reassurance that G-d is in charge, starting the surrendering process by as easy as falling asleep?

Am I on the right track?



  1. Yes, you are absolutely on the right track. Judaism teaches that a healthy relationship with God requires acknowledging that God is the Creator and the Sustainer of both the world in general and each person in particular. Together with that is the need to know what God wants from each person. That means learning His Torah and trying to keep His commandments. The Jewish Nation has many more commandments to keep than the non-Jewish nations, but, regardless of the amount, the commandments are the connecting point between ourselves and God.

    Best wishes from the Team