Blessing for Liquids


Hi Rabbanim.
Sorry for my ignorance but when making the blessing before drinking from a large water bottle, is it a “one and done” or do I then need to say the blessing again minutes/hours later taking another sip?




  1. So long as you are drinking (or sipping) within every half-an-hour, you need only make one Shehakol, at the beginning. If it is clear to you that you are going to go longer than half-an-hour between drinking, you should make a Shehakol and make an after-bracha within thirty minutes. The next time you want to drink, you would then need to make another Shehakol. If you inadvertently went longer than thirty minutes between drinking, you should make a new Shehakol, despite the fact that you did not make an after-bracha.

    Best wishes from the Team