Bedek Habayis


If a non-Jew was makdish a behaima tehorah for bedek habayis, would it automatically ascend to have kedushas korban as a Jew’s would? And if so, would it lose its din of meilah?



  1. I could not think of any reason why it shouldn’t have the same level of Kedushah as that of a Jew but I ran it past a Talmid Chacham to see if I was wrong and he agreed that there was no reason for it to be different.

    When it is given for Bedek haBayis there is Meilah. When he is podeh the Koraban from Bedek haBayis he has to bring it as a Korban. If it is an Olah the Meilah is still applicable. If it is Kodshim Kalim there is a disagreement among Chazal as to whether there is Meilah or not. See, Rambam Hilchos Erchin 5:5-6.

    If you find a source that makes a differentiation between a Jew and a non-Jew I would be fascinated to see it.

    Best wishes from the Team