Advice About Antisemitism


Dear rabbi, My best friend of 7 years has gotten fairly antisemitic recently, which is strange for me as an ethnic jew. I’m not very religious, but my mom is an Ashkenazi jew. he’s been to my family seder and attended the first night of Chanukah with us, and has always been accepting of us. What should I do?



  1. Without knowing your friend it is a little difficult to know what to tell you, exactly. However, perhaps the best approach is to ask him directly why he is speaking against the Jews. If he answers you it will be easier to know what to say to him. If, however, he claims that he is talking about all the “other Jews” but that you and your family are different, do not believe him. That is classic antisemitism. If it transpires that he really is anti-Semitic I would actually suggest that – however difficult it will be – you break off the friendship because his anti-Semitism will finally catch up with you as well.

    Best wishes from the Team