A New Revelation?


Rabbi, what if Hashem has chosen to recently reveal the original Torah seen on Har Sinai to humanity?

Why two Genesis days of creating light, one the first day of creation and a second described on day three? What was the source of the light on day one?

On February 28, 1953, Cambridge University scientists James Watson and Francis H.C. Crick announced the discovery of the double-helix structure of DNA, the molecule containing the exponentially complex genetic code for life in every living cell on planet earth. G-d’s encrypted code for formed humans from dust and the existence of all life. If Hashem created everything, would something like this specter be simply a coincidence?

Hashem brought the people from Egypt to Sinai for the covenant evidenced with tremendous fire, thunder, and His voice.

Deuteronomy 4:11-12

“You came forward and stood at the foot of the mountain. The mountain was ablaze with flames to the very skies, dark with densest clouds. The LORD spoke to you out of the fire; you heard the sound of words but perceived no shape—nothing but a voice.”

NASA’s Spitzer telescope visualized an 80 light-years-long formation in our galaxy that duplicates the formation (not a nebula) of Crick and Watson’s human genesis DNA. A double helix with crossbars and telomeres at both ends. Hashem created this universe and all it contains, begs the question, why would this heavenly formation not be the encrypted Torah with its 22 original letters exponentially encrypted instead of four nucleic acid genomes as a screen for this universe and all it contains?

NASA Finding – may be the source of that light.


Scientists and astronomers theorize this formation to be a nebula as science today is based solely on materialistic concepts. The idea of an Intelligent Designer/Programmer or Hashem is considered fiction by the scientific community.

Devarim 30:11-12

“Surely, this Instruction which I enjoin upon you this day is not too baffling for you, nor is it beyond reach. It is not in the heavens that you should say “Who among us can go up to the heavens and get it for us and impart it to us, that we may observe it?”

Could Hashem have now revealed His original Torah as seen and heard on Sinai?

Robert Mandel



  1. Perhaps it is more than just a possibility. Our Sages teach that the Giving of the Torah repeats itself each and every day. That does not mean that it happens in exactly the same way as it happened on Sinai but, rather, the power of the Torah is given anew each day. That is one of the explanations as to how it is possible for scholars throughout the ages to formulate novel and innovative insights into the Torah.

    There is a Kabbalistic view that the light of the first day of Creation was not the same light that emanates from the sun and the moon today. The light of that first day was a “source-less” light that was spiritual in nature. God, realizing that man would not be able to live up to the spiritual nature of such a light, stored it away, and it was set aside for the future use of the righteous. In its stead, God created the sun and the moon, which, according to our Sages, give us but a fraction of the original, true, light.

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