Radak on Isaiah 11:1: Messianic Prophecies


Hi, What is Radak’s Commentary of Isaiah 11:1?



  1. “A staff will grow from the stump of Jesse”

    Radak: The prophet is telling the people not to be amazed at the great miracle they will witness during the days of Hezekiah – the instant destruction of the Assyrian army – for in the Messianic Era a much greater miracle will occur with the ingathering of all Jews from their exile.

    “From the stump of Jesse”

    Radak: The prophet foresees the Jewish people many years into their long exile. He compares the Davidic dynasty to a tree that has been cut down, leaving only a hopeless-looking stump. From that very stump, he sees a new shoot springing forth from its roots, symbolizing the emergence of the Messianic king, who will be worthy of his glorious ancestors.

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