A Kashrut Law


Why would a kosher restaurant be in danger of losing its kosher certification because a non-Jew lit and used the oven? Thank you.



  1. In order for cooked food to be Kosher one of the requirements is that the food be prepared by a Jew. Jewish Law discusses what that entails exactly and the opinion that is accepted by all authorities as being the absolute minimum (some are more stringent and require more input than that) is that the oven be lit by a Jew. All restaurants that have Kashrut supervision will be absolutely conversant with that demand from the Kashrut authority who certifies them. Aside from their having lost their trustworthiness, if a restaurant is found not to be abiding by the stipulations of the Kashrut authority who certifies them they are also contravening their contractual agreement which may lead to their losing their certification.

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