Shalom aleichem dear Rabbi 1) In midrash tanchuma buber, toldot 6:2 we read: וראה מלך המשיח, שנאמר חזה הוית עד די התגזרת אבן וגו’ (דניאל ב לד), אמר ריש לקיש זו מלך המשיח is this translation correct? And had seen the Messianic King, as stated YOU LOOKED ON UNTIL A STONE WAS CUT OUT WITHOUT THE USE OF HANDS (Danial 2:34), Resh Laqish said: This is the Messianic King. 2) in Targum Jonathan on isaiah 42:1 we read: הָא עַבְדִי מְשִׁיחָא אֶקְרְבִינֵהּ בְּחִירִי דְאִתְרְעֵי בֵּיהּ מֵימְרִי אֶתֵּן רוּחָא דְקוּדְשִׁי עֲלוֹהִי דִינִין לְעַמְמִין יְגַלֵי: is this translation correct? Behold, my servant, the Messiah, whom I bring, my chosen in whom one delights: as for my Word, I will put my Holy Spirit upon Him; He shall reveal my judgment unto the nations.