Working on Shabbat


Shalom, I work a late shift at my job. I work for a local school and feel that my work is important, and I enjoy it, however it does require that I am there late into the evening every weekday, including Shabbos. I don’t think I can just take that day off, and it may be hard to negotiate a more suitable schedule, but I do want to practice this tradition. What do you recommend I do? Is there a way for me ‘make up’ for these lost Shabbos evenings? Can I instead observe Shabbos on Saturday, when I’m free? I don’t want to be disrespectful or impious, but I also can’t just quit my job.

I appreciate any advice, thank you in advance,




  1. Your question is far too complex and sensitive for this kind of forum. It requires a Talmid Chacham (scholar) of exceptional stature who is capable of giving you a definitive ruling. Personally, I think that the best person to ask is Rabbi Asher Weiss. Rabb Asher Weiss is one of the most influential authorities on Jewish Law in our generation. He speaks English, Hebrew and Yiddish fluently and he is warm and compassionate and a world recognized authority on all facets of Jewish Law. Rabb Asher Weiss can be reached through

    Best wishes from the Team