The Hasmoneans


The Hasmoneans usurped throne and priesthood.

The Hasmoneans claimed the throne of Judah.
Since they were not descendants of Judah (and therefore not from the House of David), the kingship was not their right.

The Hasmoneans also made a family member high priest, which is the prerogative of a branch of Aaron’s family to which they did not belong.
However, I read that the Hasmoneans were descended from Aaron of the tribe of Levi.

Please explain how the Hasmoneans had no right to the priesthood.
Who were the Hasmoneans descended from?



  1. I am not sure where it states that the Hasmoneans were not from the family of Aharon. Yochanan was the High Priest and a direct descendant of Aharon and the Kohanic line. It is true that they usurped the throne which was their right to do, but Aharon and his sons had every right to serve as the High Priests.

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  2. See the following article

    Fourth paragraph: Taking control of the kingship …
    discusses “Hasmoneans … were not in line for the high priesthood”


  3. There is no historical source that I know of that backs up his claim. That, presumably, is why he added in parenthesis [This is the author’s interpretation of events.] Quite the opposite, Yochanan was the High Priest his sons followed in his footsteps as they were qualified to do.

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