The Greater the Person, the Greater the Yetzer Harah


The greater the person, the greater yetzer hara. A man becomes great spiritually through challenges of yetzer hara. So, great Jewish sages have a bigger yetzer hara. How can I make my yetzer hara greater, while not being a sinner?



  1. The most effective way of making your Yetzer Harah grow is by overcoming its temptations. The more a person succeeds the greater he becomes. The greater he becomes, and the greater his Yetzer Harah will be.

    But it is also important to not allow the Yetzer Harah to overcome you when you do sin (which is inevitable). Rather, it is important to accept the fact that a mistake was made, and to move forwards with a positive mindset that you have grown from each challenge – despite the outcome.

    Best wishes from the Team