Standing for Sefirat HaOmer


Why should one say the Sefirat HaOmer standing up vs sitting down?



  1. The commentaries explain that the obligation to recite Sefirat HaOmer standing is learned from a statement in the Midrash that implies that the Blessing should be said while standing.

    The verse in Deut. 16:9 states: “You shall count seven weeks for yourself; from the time the sickle is first put to the STANDING crop you shall begin to count seven weeks.” The word for standing is “b’kamah”. A hint that the mitzvah to count should be done while standing, although the mitzvah is also fulfilled if one didn’t stand for the count. (I once heard a light-hearted comment that this may the source for an expression used in sports “a standing count”.)

    I don’t recall the source, but I once saw the idea that standing is for counting the Omer is important in order to show that this period of time between Pesach and Shavuot is one for spiritual growth, as opposed to remaining the same. The physical freedom of Pesach was not a complete goal, but rather a means by which we have the opportunity for the completion of our purpose with the Torah that was given on Shavuot.

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