Sleeping Woes


Sometimes when my wife accidentally falls asleep too close to me in bed, I have so little room to sleep that it hurts my back. I’ve been suffering serious lower back pain these days for this reason to the point it’s debilitating. But if I wake her up to give me more room, there is the issue of gezel shayna (“stealing sleep”). I don’t like having my own sleep disturbed, and I don’t want to do to someone else something I don’t like being done to me (as the Torah can be summarized in one line). What is the appropriate way to deal with this situation?

8 months


  1. I am inspired by your question! It reflects on the extent of your concern for others and your desire only to do what is right in the Eyes of Hashem.

    Personally, I think that the best way to deal with the situation is to ask your wife if she would mind if you ask her to move, if necessary. The minute she says that you can, there is no longer an issue of “Gezel Seinah”.

    Best wishes from the Team