Sacrifices and the Third Temple


…does a Third Temple have to be built before sacrifices can resume in Israel – or can sacrifices resume at the correct (holy of holies location) on the Temple Mount without building a Third Temple ?

if the answer is “yes” to question 1, then, what’s keeping construction from beginning tomorrow on the Third Temple ? – politics, Muslim control of the Temple Mount, or something else ?


Charles A. Rabalais



  1. The Temple must be rebuilt before sacrifices can be offered up again. The Rabbis teach that the last and everlasting Temple will be the Third one and it is for that we pray and beseech God for every day, but it can only be rebuilt with the express command of God. The Holy Temple represented the closeness and the uniqueness of the relationship that exists between God and the Jewish People. That is why its destruction was such a calamity and that is why its rebuilding, may it happen speedily in our days, is so vital. With the advent of the Messianic era that ability to tap into the Divine relationship will be so smooth and the Third Temple will be a manifestation of that.

    Best wishes from the Team