R’tzei on Shabbat


Elokeinu Vei-Lo-Hei Avoteinu Ya-Aleh V’Yavo
is recited on Rosh Chodesh and Festivals.

This special section is added in BOTH Birkat HaMazon and
5th Bracha (R’Tzei) in the Amidah.

On Shabbat we recite R’Tzei V’Ha-Cha-Li-Tzei-Nu in Birkat HaMazon.
Is this section recited within any other prayers?

7 months


  1. No. R’tzei is only recited within Birkat Hamazon on Shabbat. The reason for the difference between R’tzei and Ya’alei V’Yavo is that the prayers that we recite on Shabbat always revolve around Shabbat. That is not so for Rosh Chodesah. Ya’alei V’Yavo is added into all the Tefillot that we recite on Rosh Chodesh, except for Mussaf, which is being recited because it is Rosh Chodesh.

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